Ventures listing in 2019
New Wave Holdings

New Wave Holdings is going to be the first listed E-sports focused investment vehicle, planned to be trading within the next financial quarter, focused in sourcing the best investments opportunities in a growing industry leveraging more than 40 years added in capital markets experience provided by the resourceful team behind this venture. With 3 investments already in different verticals of business within the E-sports space. Seeking to help companies and developing projects to position themselves in the on-going market trend, giving investors the opportunity to allocate capital in diversified companies within the sector through a investors oriented firm.

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Think Technologies Corp.

Think Technologies Corp. is going to be a listed Investment company based on AI and Machine Learning development companies focused in create a liquid investment opportunity providing access to an early-stage, fast-growing AI asset class suitable for every investor. Targeting different aspects of the technology including Financial technology, E-commerce, Cyber-Risk and Cyber Security, helping and advising companies in different stages of maturation within the market.

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Supreme Heights

Supreme Heights targets investments in high quality, differentiated brands with defendable business models and strong management teams in the UK and European branded CBD health & wellness segment. Partners of Supreme Heights benefit from the industry experience, knowledge and unique intellectual property of Supreme Cannabis. Supreme Heights works collaboratively with Supreme Cannabis to diligently assess investment opportunities, identify synergies and advance the businesses in its portfolio. Follow Supreme Heights on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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