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Peter Cunningham has been a venture capitalist for over a decade.
working as a financial advisor at major boutique investment dealers gave him access
to high quality investments and allowed him to develop  relationships  with both  the
buy and sell side.

He left the brokerage industry to fill a much needed gap between entrepreneurs and
the finance community. He now focuses his time on identifying high growth startups
that would benefit from funding and a go public transaction.

He prides himself on his ability to building and maintain high value relationships that
continue to support his ventures.


Edward Milewski

Midas letter Raw Host

I have been working with Peter for approx 4 years and speak to him frequently…Peter has an understanding and grasp of markets that extends well beyond his years.

Steven Low

CEO at Boom Capital Markets

Peter is very good at guiding and advising companies through their capital markets evolution. if you are a private company looking to go public and access capital, Peter is who you should be speaking to.

Christian Scovenna

Interim CEO & Director at High Hampton Holdings

Working with Peter on numerous go public rounds, Peter proved time and time again his ability to raise capital and navigate throughout the go public process. His attention to detail, time management and business acumen is second to none.

Mark Monaghan

MD Dalvay Capital, Khiron Board Member

Whether it was providing interesting investment ideas, investment capital or a vehicle as on Khiron Life Sciences, Peter has always been straight forward, reliable and action oriented. I look forward to future collaborations!

Nick Davis

CEO at Memery Crystal LLP

Peter is a deal maker, extraordinaire and incredibly well connected and creative in structuring.

The Real Deal

Tolga Onuk

CEO at New Wave Holdings Corp

Peter is a a life-changer


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